Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend telegraphed

Saturday at arezzo. stop. antiques fair. stop. ice cream in monte san savino. stop. meeting other bloggers. stop. pulzelli store. stop. get to know the gazduna people. stop. eating and drinking to excess. stop. sleeping in a castle. stop. sunday breakfast with delicious cakes. stop. measuring one hundred dresses. stop. transformed thanks to the make-up artist and hairdresser. stop. searching for the beast in you. stop. coming out with your ego and alter ego. stop. photo shoot. stop. coming home with a quick visit to IKEA. stop. your clothes have new chest of drawers. stop. - hectic but fantastic weekend!!!

Sabato ad arezzo. stop. fiera di antiquariato. stop. gelato artigianale a monte san savino. stop. fare amicizia con altre blogger. stop. pulzelli store. stop. conoscere gazduna people. stop. mangiare e bere a dismisura. stop. dormire in un castello. stop. collazione di domenica con dolci buonissimi. stop. misurare cento vestiti. stop. trasformarsi grazie al make-up artist e parucchiere. stop. cercare la bestia in se. stop. far uscire allo scoperto l'ego ed alter ego. stop. shooting fotografico. stop. tornando a casa una sosta ad ikea. stop. i tuoi vestiti hanno nuova cassettiera. stop. - un weekend frenetico, ma indimenticabile!!!

(wearing Zara boots, Bershka jeans, Siren London top and bag, H&M glasses)


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