Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kyleigh Kuhn (USA): an afternoon with a Bruce Weber favorite

Kyleigh Kuhn (Next, NY) came from California to New York to model. She made the move to Next Models after a meeting with Next's founder, Faith Kates. I had the chance to shoot Kyleigh when she was new to New York, fresh off a Bruce Weber set. What follows is an afternoon in the life of a top model, highlighting things that characterize Kyleigh: not a runway, not an editorial, not a campaign. Just Kyleigh, pure and simple.

2:00 planning/scheduling her next trip to Afghanistan for her charity work

her living room wall

a close up of a piece on her wall, she decorated it all herself

those are real gun bullets she found on the street in Williamsburg

2:30 Kyleigh gets ready for a trip to the local organic market. She's an avid reader, showcasing her books alongside one of her favorite rings and pair of shoes

2:35 checking out her appearance before heading out

2:37 which included a side trip to her bedroom. I couldn't help but notice these vintage figurine cars and match boxes

2:38 and then notice this bona fide Fire Bat hanging on her wall

2:40 and all her jewelry choices

2:41 my favorites

2:45 playing around with her vintage cabinetry

2:50 Kyleigh has an interesting selection of hats to choose from. They indicate her personality as much as her choice in books and vintage card deck.

3:00 she's off to the local organic market with her boyfriend

3:15 Kyleigh comes out with a baguette, fresh cherry tomatoes, aged parmesan cheese, baby arugula, baby spinach, lemons, and basil

3:30 Kyleigh/caught sneaking a cherry tomato

4:15 dinner is served
Entree--olive oil, tomatos, basil, pasta
asparagus--fried covered on low heat for 15 minutes simmered in real butter
bread--both sides dipped in olive oil and pepper, oven baked for 8 minutes with goat cheese
salad--baby arugula, baby spinach, fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed with olive oil, pepper, and aged shaved parmesan cheese

5:15 last but not least, Kyleigh unwinds for some alone time on her fire escape, curling up with Hemingway and peace and quiet.


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