Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Dear Followers,
We've already made it clear in the past that "MW HEAR THAT" are rumor posts.
Few haters are also circulating rumors that our sources are not reliable.
One more time we would like to reassure you that 90% of our sources are models.
Are models reliable?
From our personal experience, we can say only 50% of the times.
We don't make up stories, we just report what we hear from our circle of friends.
So if a model confused Meisel with Sorrenti it's not really a big deal, because the rumor was focused on Anna Selezneva.
Whoever is shooting her is irrelevant according to the content of our blog.
So if somebody one day starts a new web site called PhotogWhispers and mistakes Meisel for Sorrenti than yeah maybe we should all start getting worried.
We apologize for the inaccuracy of our source.

The Secret Team of Model Whispers


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